2014 Course Details

Distances and Race Course Descriptions
Bike – 17.2Km, Ski – 10.7Km, Run – 7.5Km

*the order of events will be bike, ski, run.

Bikers must compete on a 26inch or 29inch wheel mountain bike with at least 1.5 inch width wheels. Road Bikes or Cross Bikes are not allowed on this course. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is to ensure rider safety and provide for a level playing field.  Riders must also wear a helmet. The bike leg will be held on paved, rural roads however bikers should expect snow or ice or a combination of the two at this time of the year. Road conditions will be updated as the race draws near.

Skiers may compete via skate skiing or classic skiing (skate recommended). The ski leg will be held on the groomed MVSTA trails.

Runners will be racing on a paved road and snow covered trail.  Runners should expect the possibility of any and all conditions depending on the weather.